Top Chef Berlin


Kathleen and I are having a cook off. Actually it’s not quite a Bravo top chef quick fire challenge – we are neither talented enough nor patient enough – but rather a “who can make a more delicious smelling, better tasting meal.”

After living together for what feels like no time at all, yet at the same time forever, we have been sharing a relatively large (for an apartment) kitchen. Breakfast, lunch and dinner is all upon us; we have shopped out grocery stores, fresh produce markets and even shopping centers (yes, fruit can be found next to panty hose) and have found the best deals in Berlin.

Our meals have ranged from horrible – we made a pasta dish with what we originally thought was chicken, had a panic attack and thought it was pork, and then found out it was turkey cutlets(?) to delicious meals of steamed veggies, chicken (yes, we figured out the word for chicken, ) and couscous. For the discovery of this couscous I must commend my sister Haley; upon our journeys in Madrid mere months ago, although it feels like eons, we discovered a delicious, cheap and remarkably fast (five minutes – but actually five minutes, unlike “minute” rice) brand called Ferrero. Kathleen and I have perfected the art of milchkaffee (milk and coffee, german style), eggs, 17 euro cent yogurt (thank god the Germans love yogurt) and even peanut butter and honey sandwiches.

Our kitchen and “cheffary” is sought after amongst fellow students and will most likely continue to develop throughout the semester. For better or worse, for skinny or not (preferably skinny) Kathleen and I will continue to master this kitchen. Bon Appetit!

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  1. Kristiana Capati says:

    Alex! it’s Kristiana from Dwight I came across your blog and was wondering if it was you, and I saw you said your sister Haley and I realized it must be! I am pretty sure I am going to study abroad in Berlin next semester I was wondering if you shoot me an email telling me how it is??? I listed my email address in the box and unfortunately it doesn’t seem like we are friends on facebook so I am guessing you may not have one, but if you could try and add me that would be great! hope to hear from you! xx


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