I hope I can understand the language…

Hello there! My name is Dana Germano and I am London bound in two days. I can’t wait! I am participating in the Bucknell in London program and taking classes that focus on English culture, of which I am a big fan. I developed anglophilia in the 7th grade, when I was doing a report on Jane Austen and (instead of reading the book) watched the film adaptation of Pride and Prejudice. It was the original four-hour BBC version, with Colin Firth and breathtaking shots of quiet country manors and antique cityscapes. Now I am so excited to go to the places that I have seen in numerous movies. I will get to see live Shakespeare with real English accents. I want to visit the museums dedicated to my favorite authors and artists. And I will be able to watch BBC (instead of BBC America). I am a big fan of The Graham Norton Show!

I am also excited for the side excursions that I want to take. My program takes lots of trips and tours including a weekend in Bath (talked about in many of Jane Austen’s books), a visit to Stonehenge, a few days in Istanbul, and various museums and monuments. In addition, I have planned a trip to Munich (for Oktoberfest) and am hoping to visit some other friends that are abroad. I’m gonna try and see as many places as I can since I have never been to Europe.

I will of course miss Bucknell, though. I study Computer Science and Theater Technology and it will be weird to not be on campus or see my friends and teachers for four more months. I love school because the community is very compact. When you live in a “bubble”, everything is easily accessible and I feel safe and comfortable. But having spent the summer working in New York City, I think I acquired the necessary street smarts. I live in New Jersey but commuted two days a week to intern at a TV/Film production company. And, hey, I figured out the subway system pretty fast and I’ve been told the tube is cake in comparison. Still, I am gonna have to provide my own food and the only thing I can cook really well is pasta. But I am almost packed and I think I can adjust to life across the pond. I just hope I will be able to overcome the huge language barrier…

6 Responses to “I hope I can understand the language…”

  1. Dana Germano says:

    It’s spelt the “loo”. So yeah maybe I will call it that, just to annoy you haha. But actually they more often label it as the “gents” and “ladies” or the “wc”.

  2. Carla Germano says:

    Just don’t come home calling it the lou!

  3. Robert Abruzzo says:

    Be sure to include Westminster Abbey, especially poet’s corner. It was really nice to discover how many places in England were named after places here in Massachusetts. Chatting with a tour bus driver about speaking the language I pointed out to him that those of us from Boston at very least can correctly pronounce Chatham. Mind the gap.

  4. Diane Murphy says:

    Hi – I’m enjoying your blog. I never accessed one before. Please be sure to see Kensington Palace (royal wedding gowns an Princess Di’s gowns) and Windsor Castle (Queen’s Dolls House – it’s fabulous!). Enjoy every moment and I can’t wait to hear your “New Jersey English” accent when you get back. I will write again soon. Love, Diane

  5. Jean Germano says:


    It is so good to be able to read your blog!! I am so thrilled that you have this opportunity. Never having been in England I will enjoy hearing about the places you visit. See everything you can see and try to keep a daily journal. I always wished I would have done that in Europe. My best to you for your trip! I love you!! Aunt Jean

  6. everything sounds like you have plans to have a great time….. Hope you are feeling much better…… have a blast and be safe….mb


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