Summer Reading?!?!

Finally back in the Boston area, I’m amazed by how quickly most of my summer has gone by! I really enjoyed spending the last 10 weeks in the DC area, but I’m pretty excited to be at home for awhile, even if that means that I have to clean my room.

Now some of you might be thinking (and yes, people have actually said all of these to me  multiple times in the past six months, so I might as well get through them now), “Isn’t it a little odd to be going abroad your senior year? Don’t you have a degree to take care of? What are your plans after you graduate, young lady?” The answers are “yes”,”yes” and “nun-yah business.”

For those who’d like a little more detail and maybe a little less snark, I ended up finishing my major requirements in three years, and only need two more credits to graduate. Once I realized my situation, I started to think through my options. I could graduate early, or take a semester off and then graduate with the rest of my class, or go abroad. The last option seemed the most appealing, so after some doing some research and handing in hefty amounts of paperwork, here I am, back at home preparing to go to Scotland in a few weeks, instead of Lewisburg in a few days.

Despite the fact I am very much still in the USA, studying abroad is already hilarious, just by the sheer amounts of conflicting information that I have received from multiple sources. In a nutshell, the message I’ve gotten is “this is a wonderful opportunity to truly diversify your experiences and meet some of the most friendly and fabulous people ever, but after losing all your money, you are pretty likely to die from strange diseases, massive accidents or be kidnapped within 2 seconds of the plane touching down. Have you seen Taken or Hostel? Unless your daddy’s Liam Neeson, you’re pretty much screwed.” Although this might seem a little (ok, extremely) excessive,  they tell you these things because they care, so I’ll take a page out of Mad-Eye’s book and exercise some of that “constant vigilance” he seemed so keen on… after this next beer.

I also received a package the other day, and inside was a book. A book? Who would be sending me a book? The only person who ever sends me books is my step-mom, mainly since she’s an English teacher, and needs someone as out of touch with literature as me to test out Macbeth lesson plans (seeing as all I’ve read lately is the Wheel of Time series and Sookie Stackhouse novels). But this book was from St. Andrews. As I read the note attached, I learned I have summer reading. Wait a second…WHAT?! Summer reading?!?! I don’t think I’ve had assigned summer reading since maybe sophomore year in high school, where I sat down for a few days before school started and banged through Grapes of Wrath (oh lawdy, never again). That experience and a severe deficiency in French… well it became pretty clear that spoken languages were probably not the best route for me to take (isn’t it ironic that I am now a blogger for a legitimate institution?).

Well, for those of you who want to check it out, the book is The Clothes on Their Backs by Linda Grant. My step-mom likes it (she picked it up as soon I pulled it out of the box), so it looks like it’s worth checking out. Phew! 3.5 weeks to go! Maybe I’ll start getting ready at some point or even start reading the book before I get to St. Andrews, but until then, I’m probably just going to enjoy my time off, and watch videos like this.

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  1. Sauce says:

    Scratatat, I love your writing. Keep on schmeh-in’ on.


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