On the Topic of Turtles and Other Such Things

Dear reader(s), I officially have the house to my self during the day. Dad’s at work, high school is starting up so Step-Mom is out, Brother 1 is getting all armied up in Texas and Brother 2 is in Maine doing… well, we don’t really know (this is the boy who informed us he was going to China for a year about 3 weeks before his flight, so let’s face it, communication = not a strong suit). This is a human-free zone (minus me, of course).

You would think, now that I am free of such distractions that perhaps I would be productive. But being a college student on summer vacation, methinks not. I’d say in addition to breakfast, I’m probably knocking one thing off my to-do list every day. This may sound not too bad, but when items on the list are things like “get milk”, “get clothes out of dryer”, “wake up before noon”, “stop playing LoL all day” and “make another list”, this is somewhat of an all-time low (especially since I only did two of those things today).

But, I’m not completely alone.

There are two other animals sharing my domain at the moment; my cat Mittens, who very much like me, does nothing except eat and sleep at this point, and the turtle (most appropriately) named Ninja. No, he is most certainly not a teenager, nor a mutant, but a Russian Box turtle, and in my opinion, the ultimate spy.

Typically contained in a fish tank by our printer, Ninja spends most of his time chilling out with his plastic turtle buddy, eating his daily lettuce leaf, and making a racket as he knocks into the walls of his home. Thus, we’ve gotten into the habit of letting him out of  his turtledom, letting him wander through dining/living area for an hour or two, before returning him to his home. He seems to relish his freedom, so we’ve actually let him stay out for several days now, leaving out small piles of lettuce to tempt him away from various crooks and crannies. He has a penchant for dark places, we’ve learned: so far we’ve found him under the kitchen table, squeezed between the mesh door and the glass door, stuck in the bottom wrung of a CD case, huffing lint under the refrigerator and nibbling at our toes by the stove and dishwasher just to name a few. Even natural disasters have failed to deter our little explorer; through the earthquake and hurricane, Ninja has been out and about, while our cat has been thoroughly terrified during both events.

With about two weeks to go until my departure, I’m now beginning to see the number of abroad posts from other friends and am getting pretty jealous. It feels like I’m going to be the last one over there! And it feels a little silly blogging this much before I go abroad, but this is part of the experience that you probably don’t hear much about: the down time between summer and adventuring in foreign lands. As someone who is lacking both a travel buddy and extra travel money, it doesn’t really make sense for me to skip across the pond quite yet.

But that being said, the next few entries will be a little more relevant about getting ready to go abroad (mainly because my dad has started getting on my case). Best wishes all, and I hope the weather doesn’t get you down!

One Response to “On the Topic of Turtles and Other Such Things”

  1. Sauce says:

    Your turtle sounds like a beatiful animal. Perhaps even a destroyer of worlds.


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