The World Gets Smaller Before It Gets Bigger

On my usual walk home from work in downtown Chicago, I noticed the massive amount of traffic in my neighborhood. President Obama was traveling around here today, so precautions were taken to shut down Lake Shore Drive. His envoy raced by in what was an impressive string of flashing blue lights speckled between the white, twinkle lights still adorning the city. The sidewalks were also busy with end-of-day commuters enjoying their walks home on a “heat wave” of an evening. I found myself navigating through unfamiliar faces until I could have sworn that I had seen a Bucknellian. Now, this sort of thing happens surprisingly often. Where ever I go, I can usually spot a Bucknell look-a-like and catch myself before calling out a name like, “Lindsay!” to an unsuspecting girl who, as it turns out, is a stranger. Except for when she’s not. Today, it really was Lindsay. I passed a couple headed back from Navy Pier and saw “just another one of those Bucknell faces” as I contemplated how frozen my feet were from wearing flats on a “warm” 40 degree evening. After we passed, I realized it was Lindsay and her boyfriend!  It was so fabulous to catch up with her especially since I won’t see her back in Lewisburg because I will be….

Studying abroad in BUENOS AIRES, ARGENTINA until July!! Since these amazing coincidences keep happening to me, I think it’s time to start my blog. Hi! I’m Jenna, and I’m an International Relations and Spanish double major from the class of 2013. I resisted the start of my blog for some time because I don’t even leave until February 19th. How crazy is that?! For perspective, last spring semester, I had an exam on February 14th. Bucknell resumes classes next week on January 18th! So, what to do with the longest winter break of all time?

I intern at the Merchandise Mart for an innovative Healthcare IT company, Allscripts. I have worked here for a total of two summers and, currently, one winter break. How? Six degrees of separation perhaps? Think smaller! I’ve been supported by Bucknell once again, as our CEO is a Bucknell grad! Each time I return, it feels more like family. I couldn’t be more grateful to work with such wonderful people–and a world-class Central Marketing team, I might add! :) (Hi Megan!!!)

Aside from work, I’ve been anticipating my departure from the States. Chicago is currently in the midst of receiving its first snow storm of the season. I must admit, this makes me wonder if I will be able to get OUT of Chicago this winter. You never know when a blizzard will hit. And last year, the blizzard was in February. Please, oh please, Argentine travel gods, let this work out.

Here are some of the photos from our first snow…


Wrigley and Trump Tower

Shout out to Lydia for this shot. :)

Marilyn's snow masquerade

But before I go, would you believe it if I said I met another Bucknellian as I was walking around today? Predicting a snowy afternoon, I wore my warm, blue and orange hat en route to work. The hat, it seemed, had caught the attention of an ’07 Bucknell grad with whom I ended up having the most delightful walk to work!  Forget zoning out in between the two earbuds of my iPod — I was connecting and sharing stories with one of my own. I know you’ve heard it, but the world is so small! In the States it seems to get smaller and smaller before I expand to a new part of the world.

‘Ray Bucknell,


P.s. You thought I was done? Me too, but when I was in the gym last week, there was only one other person there. Clue: Bucknell shorts. Cue: Bucknell community.

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  1. Loren says:

    Have a great time in Buenos Aires. I’m sure you’ll see something that reminds you of Bucknell even there.


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