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Reaching the halfway mark of my stay here in Spain, I finally realized just how much I have already learned; including language skills, cultural competency and a newfound appreciation for different ways of life. I have had the opportunity to reside in Spain during particularly interesting political and economic situations. Seeing how the presidential elections in the United States recently concluded, I was rather surprised about the amount of interest Spaniards have about American politics. Every day it was on the television or on the front page of the newspapers; discussions everywhere. Obviously, with the current poor economic standing Spain finds itself in, citizens are clearly concerned with changes domestically but changes on the international stage as well. Spaniards I have talked to would commonly explain that they see the United States as an integral part of the global economy, in particular Spain’s export and tourism sectors. Without a doubt, the economic slump has had effects on the population, which have been evident in my time here. For example, protests and strikes are common occurrences here, so much so that a few of my classes have been canceled because my professors were striking or going to a demonstration. It is unmistakable that the citizens are fed up with the government and the fiscal condition. I’m curious with more elections happening here in Spain in the near future what kind of changes, if any, the current government will make. To me, it seems as though change is inevitable at this point because the current course is not sustainable. Overall, it is a very interesting culmination of events and I can only wait and see.

However, on a lighter note, I’ve put together another video for your viewing pleasure:

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