Washington DC is the Place to Be

My semester in Washington is going by so quickly. The past two weeks I have had a lot of unique experiences. I have crossed some items off my bucket list, heard many influential speakers and learned a lot!

I went to the International Spy Museum, which was really interesting. It cost twenty dollars though, which surprised me because most of DC’s museums are free. The museum had an interesting exhibit on James Bond. Also, the museum staff had us memorize our new “spy identities” that they would quiz us on throughout the tour. I wish I could have spent more time in the shop at the end of the museum because of all the unique products they had.

Unfortunately, when my friends and I decided to go to the  WWII Memorial and Lincoln Memorial, it was really cold so we could not fully enjoy ourselves. I want to go back when it gets warm out.

For class, we went on a tour of the Pentagon! We walked 1.5 miles inside the building, got to see the different sections of their offices and learn about the history of the military. I was a little disappointed, though, because we didn’t see anything super secret, especially after visiting the International Spy museum. We did get to the part of the building that was hit on September 11. They have a memorial in the building, and it was sobering to reflect there.

Our professor invited a  Pacifist to come speak to our class. He tried to convince us all to become vegan. He brought bottles that had the fat content of a burger and milkshake from McDonalds. They were pretty disgusting looking, but I am still going to eat meat.  We also spoke to the former Ambassador to NATO and the author of the Carter Doctrine. He told us that the government is always watching us and he has visited over 100 countries! If I could be like one of of speakers we have seen, it would probably be him.

Fun Fact of the week: I learned that the State Department asks for a DNA sample when you retire (if you’re way up there in the organization like my professor).

  1. Robert Hunter- Former Ambassador to NATO

    Robert Hunter- Former Ambassador to NATO


    Lincoln Memorial



    My Home State- WWII Memorial

    My Home State- WWII Memorial

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