Tuesday, June 12th, 2012

Enjoying a Break in Southern Germany

Greetings Everyone, It has been quite hectic in the past couple of weeks, especially due to papers, presentations, and traveling. Nonetheless, I have been enjoying my time here in Germany. It is still taking some time getting used to classes during the summer, mainly when there are days in which there is gorgeous weather and I am still in class. It is still unreal at times when I realize that I am in Germany speaking a language other than my native one. There are times, though, in which I think I am regressing in terms of my language skills. This […]

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Monday, June 4th, 2012

An Environmental Trip of Northern Germany

Guten Tag Everyone, I hope all is well. I have been quite busy as of late. It is still hard to believe that I have been here for over eight months now. I still have some months to go before I am back in the states though but I would rather not rush the time because of the wonderful time I am having here in Germany. Classes are going very well and one in particular included a recent excursion to different locations in Northern Germany. This trip was surprisingly great I say this because there were some preconceptions already in […]

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Thursday, May 3rd, 2012

Easter Bonfires, Spring Carnivals and My First Fußball Stadium Visit!

Guten Tag Everyone, I have been up to a whole bunch lately. For starters, I had the chance during Easter Sunday to join a wonderful gathering of “Hamburgers” near a local beach called Blackenese for a special Easter Bonfire. Now, I know what you may think… okay a normal bonfire…if only:-) The size of this bonfire was a size of a tree with a stuffed witch prop at the very top. So basically every year when the sun has finally set this huge bonfire is set while everyone eats crepes and sausages and drinks beer or some hot mulled wine. […]

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Tuesday, May 1st, 2012

On the Road Again

Guten Tag Everyone, I cannot believe how fast time flies by but I am still enjoying every second that I have here in Germany. Before I started classes I had a chance to travel with my program to a special city. A city named Halle in east Germany, that I formerly lived in with my first host family during my first year here in Germany about three years ago. We were able to tour the city…oh and did you know that they have a chocolate factory there. That’s mainly because the city is known for a specific chocolate. And of […]

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Thursday, April 5th, 2012

Platform 9 3/4 and much more!

Guten Tag! I recently came back from an enjoyable vacation in the south of Germany in addition to London and Edinburgh. For those who don’t know, I had break from the first week of February until the this first week in April and I truly enjoyed it. I, initially, wanted to travel to the England and Scotland because I had never been there before. I would also have the opportunity to visit my previous host sister who I had not seen for three years. So it was only a must that I go there. London, overall, was wonderful. The weather, […]

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Tuesday, March 13th, 2012

Hamburg Exploration

Guten Tag Everyone, It is officially my third week of vacation and all has been swell. I have truly been able to just enjoy the city of Hamburg and explore all that this city has to offer. To top everything off, though, a fellow Bucknellian, Alex Kemly, has finally arrived in Hamburg. I had the opportunity to accompany him on a boat tour through the historical Speicherstadt, warehouse district and harbor. The boat tour lasted about a hour an a half and depicted a beautiful array of distinct architecture of that portion of the city. Another plus to this tour […]

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Thursday, February 23rd, 2012

Carnival in Germany

Hey Everyone, It feels great to have started my two month vacation…yep! Actually, for a majority of students in German Universities, this means that they do not have to attend class but still must take exams and complete term papers. I, fortunately, had the opportunity to have a very early deadline for my assignments so in all I have some free time until April So far, I’ve been able to relax and visit my boyfriend’s family in the south of Germany. All throughout Germany is Carnival or as some regional folk say, “Fasching or Fastnacht”. This usually ends 40 days […]

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Tuesday, February 14th, 2012

Theater Trips, Frozen Lakes, Flea Markets, & First Semester in Hamburg Complete!

Hey everyone, My first semester here in Germany is finally complete! It was quite interesting to finish the semester here while the second semester at Bucknell is starting but that’s the Hamburg Uni system I have been really enjoying the past few weeks here in Hamburg. Even though it has been quite chilly reaching temperatures of -15 degrees Celsius and below but I was still able to leave my room in search of things to do since my semester is over. About two weeks ago I had the chance to attend the performance of “Das Kunstseidene Mädchen” (In English, The […]

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Monday, January 16th, 2012

Christmas in Germany & Ski Trip in Austria!

Greetings Everyone, It feels great to be back in Hamburg even though the last two weeks were wonderful. First off, I had the chance to stay with my boyfriend’s family in the southern part of Germany. Traveling down south is always a time for me to brush up on the southern dialect because I haven’t had the chance to spend more time in the southern region since my first year abroad a little over three years ago. It’s always eventful though, especially with gaining different perspectives on the culture. I surely know that when I am “down south”, I have […]

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Sunday, January 1st, 2012

Christmas Markets Galore

Happy Holidays Everyone, I can’t believe that Christmas is a few days away and there is still a bit much that I have to finish, like sending gifts home, calling family and friends, and exploring the Christmas festivities here in Germany. There is so much to do, due to the many Christmas markets here. If you are not so familiar with the German Christmas markets, let me just describe them. First off they are all over different areas of the city. Christmas markets here usually have an area made up of either tents or wooden booth like stands. I am, […]

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